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We pride ourselves on our Beef Braciola, a true Italian delicacy that can be served as a delicious entrée or a perfect accompaniment to pasta. We follow Old World Italian traditions to create this outstanding item using only lean, tender, thinly sliced USDA beef top round. Each piece is generously hand-stuffed with a delicious blend of chopped beef and our special mix of spices, then flash-frozen to lock in the flavor. For those looking for a creative twist, we offer our Beef Braciola stuffed with Sweet Italian Sausage. This is an excellent item to add "flavor" to your menu.

• Try Beef Braciola with a side of portabella risotto.
• Add it to your appetizer menu served with a wine and mushroom brown gravy.
• Slice it and serve topped with a fresh tomato sauce.

Now you can enjoy "Lunch on Us!" We'll come and cook lunch for your whole office, showcasing how our products can be used in a variety of recipes. This offer applies to current and prospective accounts. To schedule a date, please contact your local Buona Vita representative.

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